Ate dinner with mom tonight had Thai food. Went into an relaxed state.


I normally do this thing on my Linux laptop daily where I write internal notes and don’t share them with anyone. I am doing something different and sharing my personal journal entry today. I call them “daycount” and did it about ¾ of 2020 and am enjoying it this year too.

Goals, ambitions, work shit, and other stuff goes I. The daycount. I do it when I get up, and I may add through the day or if things become too disparate- I will start another file and the naming convention is day #-year-short-keywords.md and save it.

Begin private share:

Note to self: eat with the bowl right in front of your face until you feel able to do differently and there is zero shame in looking silly or how you get the food in..

It is called survival. Had a super nice meal and enjoyed a full belly and also the dualistic integrity of seeing how you can recover from eating and getting upset and then just carrying on and enjoying the rest of your evening.

* Learned a few things:

This needs to go on speakthings.com

And you need to point the TLD there.

I can probably help a lot of people feel better about themselves if I just tell my life story slowly and tag it relevantly so I can do that write as labs ePub thing..

I have really overcome so so very much, in almost all imaginable avenue, And I do believe it’s going to help someone out there and be simultaneously inspiring to others.

Okay time to copy this into AceMark and GTW and then post it to speak things.

Also, I need to start consolidating my 12? How many are there fcking* actually?* —- Short answer: too many for one dude to write in. Hence- image* * —-

ramo.today and a few others. Vs 17 or so blogs and hoping I can evangelize people who don’t have the same vision of open source and expressive autonomy to break the mainline social media virus and start self actualizing their creative** expression**.


** The above photo is from a friend who shot that in Taos, NM. ** That’s all doc! Back later. Much love to you, fellow human.

~Omar / Ramo... it’s my name backwards.. I dug it in fourth grade, and still think it sounds cool what 28 years later..

Go* figure*.

With love and roses and shit,

~ Ramo

sincerely, ~ a human observer .